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Below you can order one of our "Blem" Hot Tubs at a Great Savings.

What is a Blem Spa?

It is a Manufacturer's Brand New Factory Spa that has a slight cabinet imperfection. These are typically very minor cosmetic scratches or blemishes that are barely noticible to the end user.

However, the spa shell does not meet up to the high quality standards of Dream Maker Spas and is therefore deemed blemished. Therefore we can sell these to you at a substantially lower price than the unblemished spas.

Many of our customers can not even locate the blemish/scratch on the spa when it is received. All spas are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

All the blemished hot tubs are shrink wrapped and ready for shipping, so we would not be able to actually specify were the blemish is, but be assured that in most cases they are barely noticeable.

You can read up on any one of the hot tub features by going to that specific hot tub. Then if you would like to save by purchasing one of our blems, you can return to this page and place your order.

Included with the Blem Hot Tubs:

- FREE Bi-Fold Locking Hard Cover ($250.00 value)
- FREE Light Lenses (2 colors)
- FREE Water Filter ($29.95 value)
- Standard Warranty (Three Months Labor, One Year Parts and Three Years Shell).
- DISCLAIMER: Specials for the spas that are not Blems DO NOT apply to these blemished tubs.

Special Note:

At rare times we may not have a Blem available in the hot tub of your choice. However, go ahead and place your order and if the hot tub is not available we will contact you within one business day.

"EZ-Spa - NEW- NON-BLEM" by Dreammaker 4 Person Spa
"Eclipse -New- NON BLEM" by Dreammaker Round Style - 4 Person
"EZ-Spa - NEW- NON-BLEM" by Dreammaker 4 Person Spa

Regular price: $3,499.00
Order Today: $2,899.00
"Eclipse -New- NON BLEM" by Dreammaker Round Style - 4 Person

Regular price: $3,699.00
Order Today: $2,999.00