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Eclipse Spa Deluxe Hot Tub
The X-400 By Dream Maker<br>Portable Spa / Hot Tub
Eclipse Spa Deluxe Hot Tub

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The X-400 By Dream Maker
Portable Spa / Hot Tub

Regular price: $3,699.00
Order Today: $2,999.00

Portable Hot Tubs

are large tubs or small pools full of heated water and used for soaking, relaxation, hydrotherapy, reading, or meditation. In most cases, they have jets for massage purposes. Portable Hot tubs are frequently located outdoors, although they may be sheltered against sun, rain, wind, or snow.

There are essentially three different styles of hot tubs:

Simple wooden-staved soaking tubs Fiberglass-reinforced plastic spas (whirlpool tubs) Bathtub-sized indoor units Soaking tubs This style of Portable Hot Tubs are constructed much like a very large barrel with wooden staves. The water within is usually still, circulated only for the purposes of heating and filtering it. The tub is often inset within a wooden deck and is entered from that deck. Seating within the tub usually takes the form of wooden benches or a seat that forms a ring around the inner circumference of the tub.

The tub is filled once at system startup and is then maintained in much the same manner as a swimming pool. In simple designs, chlorine is used as a disinfectant. More sophisticated designs use an ozone generator, reducing the amount of chemicals needed to disinfect the water. The tub is heated by electricity or, occasionally, natural gas or propane, or rarely, wood fires.

Spas This style of tub is very different from the wooden soaking tub. These are usually less deep and manufactured from fiberglass-reinforced plastic formed into shapes that provide a variety of seating arrangements within the tub. Each seat is usually equipped with hydrotherapy jets that allow a forceful flow of water to be directed at various parts of the body. The water flow may be aerated for additional effect and some or all of the jets may also automatically move or rotate, causing the changing pressure of the water on the body to provide a massage-like effect.

These tubs may be free-standing or recessed within a surrounding deck. If free-standing, they are usually entered by climbing a short staircase of one or two steps and then stepping over the side of the tub onto one of the seating areas. A common misconception with hot tubs is that they need external plumbing when in fact most modern units are self contained and consequently only need filling with water.

Although Jacuzzi is probably the best known brand name of spas, the company now concentrates on making bathroom fixtures. The spas currently sold under the Jaccuzzi brand name are actually made by Sundance. Other spas are manufactured by a wide range of mostly-boutique (small production) vendors.

Effective insulation greatly improves the energy efficiency of a spa. There are several different styles of spa insulation: some manufacturers fill the entire cabinet with foam, while others insulate the underside of the shell, the inside of the cabinet, or both. Not surprisingly, many manufacturers advertise the superiority of their approach to insulation, but few independent side-by-side comparisons are available.

Spas usually have several independent water circuits with one providing heating and filtration and the others driving the hydrotherapy jets. Sophisticated computer controls are now common and many tubs now are equipped with extensive lighting, sound systems, and even flat-screen televisions with integrated DVD players.